Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

At The Works we fully acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and to our local communities in which we work and we do business. Our responsibilities are embedded in our corporate values and the principles that govern the way we work. We actively encourage our staff to recognise these responsibilities and behave in a thoughtful and responsible manner towards the society in which we live and work.

For us, it is about ensuring we sustain a safe working environment, have a positive impact on people, our communities and the wider environment and build the trust and respect of our clients, candidates and stakeholders.

We operate in a compliant and ethical manner, adhering to Best Practice with continuous improvement at the heart of all that we do.

We invest in our people and are committed to making The Works a great place to work. We actively encourage all our team to help local community organisations, particularly our employee chosen charities. The charities we have recently supported include Marie Curie, Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice and our most recently sponsored Guide Dog puppy is called Gismo who is progressing well with his puppy walking.

Our HQ is located directly by the canal side where we are involved with the Canal and River Trust scheme that is all about working with them to benefit the environment and local communities. Should you be passing in your canal boat, walking or cycling down the towpath then you are very welcome to pop in and say hello and meet our team.

Here our some of the things we are doing to support our objectives and responsibilities:-

    • Adopt best practice and assist, where possible, in developing innovative solutions to the environmental issues;

    • Reduce the production of waste where possible and actively promote recycling;

    • Prevent pollution and minimise emissions where possible and encourage colleagues where possible to share car journeys or use the Cycle to Work Scheme;

    • Raise awareness amongst colleagues through appropriate education and training, encouraging them to become more environmentally responsible;

    • Encourage awareness of, and commitment to, improved environmental performance amongst suppliers and customers;

    • Communicate our policy to all new colleagues and consult with them to ensure that they take an active role in its implementation and review.

All colleagues are responsible for following the principles of our policy and we regular review our policy in action.


Our values underpin our approach to Social Corporate Responsibility and the way we work


AmbitiousWe do not compromise on quality and are passionate about what we do. We have strong networks and knowledge in our sectors that we use to our and our clients’ advantage and always have an eye out for the next big things that will keep us and our clients ahead of the competition. We take the lead on recruitment issues and share information on best practice. We are the forefront of both harnessing useful information and creating quality content in our specialist areas.


WCuriouse always ask the right questions to find the right person, ensuring the right fit for clients and candidate. We go beyond expectations and re-define boundaries; we are interested in our clients businesses and their success and want to contribute. We are curious and entrepreneurial. We constantly look for ways to work more effectively with clients and add value to their companies.


TenaciousWe go the extra mile, always representing you, your interests and aspirations. We are tenacious and always looking for ways to improve what we do and attract the very best candidates for our clients, using new and innovative ways to access passive candidates as well as those actively looking for jobs. We are commercial in the way we think for both our clients and in seeing opportunities for our own business and its success. We will not wait to be asked, we will be proactive and thought provoking and come up with innovative solutions.


ThoughtfulWe demand the best from ourselves so we can provide the best for you. We are helpful and always give you confidence- we care about what we do. We are not content to keep doing the same things, we are focused on continuous improvement and strive for what is remarkable not just acceptable. We will scan the horizon for changes in the market and what clients and candidates will want and need in the future. We are personable and have personality- we are not a faceless corporation with a one size fits all mentality- we will take time to get to know people, what motivates them and what makes them smile.