How to prepare for an interview

Job Interview

Preparing for an interview can be the difference between starting work on Monday morning and returning to the army of job seekers searching the web. It is down to you to make your next interview count!

HR managers sit through 1000’s of interviews and are always looking for that special person that will excite them, have a good knowledge of their business and ask the right questions.  It is your job to go in there, blow them away and leave them wanting more of you!

We have put together a top 5 points to consider before you enter your next interview.

Research the Company
You should go into an interview with a good understanding of what that business is about. What do they do? How do they operate? Who are their customers? Why are your skills perfect for their business?
Information is the key. You have ammunition to fire questions, sell your skill set and impress your interviewer by showing you are interested in the business.

Plan for the Interview 
Every interview starts with you traveling. Where are you going and how long does it take to get there? If you are late, you are showing poor organisation and planning! Would you want that person in your business?

Find out who will be attending the interview and how long it will last for. This will tell you how detailed the interview will be and what areas of the business your new job will impact.

Create the right image
Depending on what job you are applying for, you should dress accordingly. Make the effort to wear clean clothes that are ironed and look decent, clean your shoes, have a shave (if your a guy),  comb your hair and most important smell nice but do not go overboard with the perfume or aftershave.

You will be spending at least 5 days a week with the people you are meeting and they will not want to share their work space with someone that looks like they have just rolled out of bed and not even had a shower!

Ask the right questions
Think of three questions to ask throughout the interview and one or two great questions for the end.  This gives you the power to show interest in certain topics and dig deeper in topics relevant to your job. It lets the company know what your motivations are and provides a great opportunity for you to sell yourself and ask something no one else will have asked.

Finding out what direction the company is heading in over the next 5 years and how you fit into their growth plans shows that you are serious about your role and developing with them. Also finding out how you will be assessed and monitored shows that you are interested in how the business operates.

Enter and leave on a high
Last impressions can be equally as important as your first in an interview environment. Greeting the interviewer and leaving the interview are two opportunities to inject your personality into the meeting.

Remember that you are up against some impressive candidates that might share your knowledge and ability. Your personality could be the deciding factor between you and another job seeker.

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