25…..things you didn’t know about The Works Recruitment!

To celebrate our 25 years in business, over the past few weeks we have been posting our tips and advice on recruitment. This is our final “25” themed post so we thought we would make this one a bit of fun! Here are our top 25 things you didn’t know about The Works Recruitment!

1. We opened in 1991.
2. Andy Izzard (Director) and Craig Burton (Managing Director) went to school together!
3. Craig celebrated his 50th birthday last year.
4. We have moved offices 4 times!
5. Craig has an apartment in the centre of Leeds.
6. Craig also has a house in Les Landes, South West France.
7. When he was younger, Craig went to Guiseley School on Fieldhead Road.
8. Craig has 2 other siblings and is the youngest child in the family.
9. Andy Izzard (Director) and Karen Parker (Payroll) are our longest members of staff – they have worked here for 19 years.
10. Craig’s first job was making candy floss at Joyland Amusements in Guiseley.
11. One of our contracts is a company which assembles enlargement pumps for a certain part of the body!
12. We have had 6 different company logo’s in total.
13. Craig has 2 dogs – Henri Hound a Black Labrador, and Jean-Jaques a Border Terrier.
14. Craig’s dog Henri has appeared on TV and in the National press as the dog who only responds to French!
15. Craig has employed most of his family over the years in one way or another.
16. Craig was 25 when he started the business.
17. We have employed 196 members of staff over the 25 years.
18. Craig was the youngest President of a Rotary Club at 29 years old.
19. We were once on Radio One for sending out a marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day which consisted of purple condoms and a love letter to clients!
20. We have over a quarter of a million candidates registered with us.
21. We originally had the idea to hold “National Temporary Workers Week” which started in the 90’s.
22. We are the longest established privately owned recruiter in the North of England.
23. We won Leeds in Bloom (for a small office) in 1999!
24. Craig is friends with the highest paid lady in TV (who will shortly be appearing in the Celebrity Jungle)!
25. We love what we do, every day, and always have.

And that’s what makes us so successful – we truly love what we do. We love our clients and our candidates and get real pleasure in helping them. For more information about what we can do for you or your business get in touch today!