25…..things that would scare off an employer in an interview!

To celebrate our 25 years in business, over the next few weeks we will be posting tips and advice on recruitment including interview technique & CV writing!

With Halloween just around the corner, we have themed this week’s post on what would scare off a potential new employer and stop you getting that dream job. So here’s our list of items which you need to bear in mind when attending that all important job interview:-

  1. Speaking badly about your current/previous workplace!
  2. Sounding way too desperate for the job
  3. Not dressing accordingly – make sure you look smart and professional
  4. Wearing too much makeup so you look like an extra from a scary movie!
  5. Slouching in your chair
  6. Chewing gum
  7. Taking a personal call
  8. Being unprepared for questions
  9. Wearing too much perfume/aftershave
  10. Not knowing anything about the company who are interviewing you
  11. Looking at your watch!
  12. Swearing
  13. A pathetic handshake – keep it firm (but not overly firm!)
  14. Yawning – get a good night’s sleep the night before
  15. Turning up late
  16. Lying in the interview or on your CV
  17. Talking too much – don’t waffle!
  18. Being arrogant
  19. Smelling of smoke – save the cigarette until after the interview!
  20. Arguing with the interviewer – even if you think you are right
  21. Having food in your teeth – check the mirror before you go in
  22. Forgetting about personal hygiene – shower before you go!
  23. Seeming bored and uninterested in the conversation
  24. Having bad breath – avoid garlic the night before!
  25. Shouting


Just be yourself, be professional, polite, interested, motivated and friendly. And if you need more tips on how to get that dream job, give us a call! We are a Leeds based professional recruitment business and pride ourselves on connecting great talent to great business.

In association with our 25th anniversary and in conjunction with THIS week’s Leeds Business Week, we are sponsoring the Drinks Reception at Chaophraya THIS Thursday Night. Come and celebrate with us!