3 reasons to choose an apprenticeship

With hiked fees and worries about the number of unemployed graduates still in the job market, apprenticeships are having something of a renaissance period in the past couple of years. The government has made big steps in ensuring that opportunities for the careers of young people with thousands of new apprenticeships on offer.

So why might an apprenticeship be right for you?

Earn while you learn

Apprenticeships are a way start earning your own wage immediately instead of getting into debts as you study. University students can amass debts of up to £60,000 in their time studying, with no guarantee of a job at the end of their course. With an apprenticeship, you will be learning at the same time as been given a chance to sustain yourself.

Learn by doing

As well as learning the theory, apprenticeships give you opportunity to learn the practical skills that can prepare you for your career. This means less time spent burying your heads in books and sitting in classrooms and more time on the job, learning the skills you will need every day.

The choices are endless

Apprenticeships are traditionally seen as ways for people to learn the skilled construction trades; plumbing, electricians or joiner, etc.. However, nowadays a whole host of businesses are using apprenticeships to hire the next generation of workers for their organisation. From banks and technology companies through to engineering and construction firms, whatever type of work you are looking to do, there will probably be an apprenticeship that will help advance your career.