How to write the perfect personal statement

Personal Statements

So you’ve nailed the CV, you’ve found the right jobs to apply for, but now you’re onto probably the trickiest part of the job application process; the personal statement/covering letter. There are very few jobs out there that won’t ask for a brief synopsis of yourself and why you believe your skills and experience will be beneficial to the employer and the job they are offering, so it’s important that you get it right!

A covering letter/personal statement is pretty much a sales pitch for a product. But, what makes this tricky is that the product you are trying to sell is you! For most people, talking about themselves is one of the hardest things to do; it can feel very uncomfortable and sometimes it can be hard to think of your ‘unique selling point’ that a hiring manager will be impressed by.

Employers will receive lots of job applications for a vacancy they have advertised, so you need to think of these key reasons and be able to write them down in a concise manner.

So here’s things I would think about when it comes writing my own personal statement.

Think of your accomplishments

Look at your past career and see what key achievements you have made. Maybe you have achieved the top sales figure in your past company three years on the bounce or maybe you have helped build some iconic buildings we have seen in town. Whatever it might be that makes you stand out, make sure you include it in your personal statement or covering letter!

Think of your traits

What work traits do you have that an employer will be impressed by. Is it your ability to multi-task? Your skills using a particular piece of equipment or software? If these are things that you’ve already seen in the job description (which is probably the reason you applied for the job in the first place), make sure you mention them in your personal statement. That way the employer knows immediately that you are perfect for the job!

Think of your goals

There must be a reason that you want to apply for the job, so make sure the employer knows what your goals and ambitions are in your work life and how the job applying for will help to get you there! It’s a great way of matching an employer’s expectations of some with yours!

Covering letters and personal statement are tricky. But, one you break it down into smaller chunks that you can think hard about you’re one step nearer to the perfect job application (good luck in the interview!)