5 Tips: What to Wear for an Interview

Ideally, you need a Manager to imagine your face working in their office, and making you sure you look the part in your interview is a positive first step in doing so. This doesn’t mean you should treat your interview as a fashion competition; you still have the hard part left to do! But, with little effort you can seriously maximise your chances of getting the job offer.

So, what 5 tips can we give you to help you out?

#1. The first thing to do, if you are at all in doubt, is not be scared and ring up to ask the Manager or the businesses HR department to find out what the dress code for the interview.  – You might think it looks somewhat amateurish, but in reality your willingness to ask these types of questions shows your interest in the job and the company’s dress code and policies. Asking this question will also give you an insight into the type business you might be working. Your dress sense on the day should be a reflection of the culture that you will be working in.

#2. Once you know what you need to be wearing, make sure that your wardrobe looks the part. Tatty, discoloured shirts and old ties with pen marks on them are never a good idea, so wander down to a department store and pick up a nice matching shirt and tie combo. If the interview doesn’t go the way you planned, at least you have some neat threads for the next interview or a lavish wedding do.

#3. An obvious one: But once you’ve picked out what you will be wearing, make sure it is clean. Get rid of any lint and dirt from your blazer and make sure you’re not going to spill anything down your outfit the day before your interview. Your best bet is to see what you need dry-cleaned before the interview date, reducing your chance of your potential employer spotting that dodgy stain on your sleeve.

#4. This is one (mainly) for the ladies: Make sure whatever jewellery and make up you are wearing is simple and understated. Heels are acceptable as long they’re not too outlandish.

#5. And finally, make sure you turn up well groomed. Seeing greasy hair and a scraggily beard won’t get you too far in most companies. A freshly trimmed haircut won’t do you any harm, and if you’re going to be wearing perfume/aftershave, makes sure you don’t go overboard. Also, whilst on the subject of smell, wait until after you’re interview to go have a cig!

Getting your dress right on the day will strongly affect your company’s perception of both your capabilities and work ethic. Making an effort in your appearance can go a really long way in getting your dream job.