A CV to make you stand out from the crowd!

A good CV is essential if you want to get that dream job. Recruiters spend on average just 8 seconds looking at any one CV, so it needs to be just right to make you stand out from the rest of the applications. It should be professional, clear and to the point. Here are our top tips on getting yourself noticed:-

Keep it brief. Your CV shouldn’t be any longer than 2 pages. You can use the interview to explain your CV in more depth.

Include a personal statement. This should be the first paragraph on the front of your CV and should be quite brief. Make sure it clearly gives a summary of who you are and what you have to offer. It needs to be professional and relevant.

Tailor it. Amend your personal statement or skills for each role you apply for. Take time to research the company and what they are looking for and reflect this on your CV.

Keep it updated. If you do a course or gain a new skill, update your CV. Make sure what you are sending to potential employers is current and appropriate.

Check your grammar. Use a spellchecker before you send it and ask somebody to check your grammar. It won’t look good if it doesn’t read right.

Don’t lie. Employers can check your background and references and find out if you’ve not been telling the truth. You also might get caught out at the interview stage when you can’t answer a question. It’s really not worth it.

Be creative. Make sure it looks good and prints well. Use bullet points, bold text and indented paragraphs to make your key skills and achievements stand out.

Define your skills. Use the job listing as a guideline to what the company are looking for. Make sure it’s clear what you can offer and why they should employ you.

Mention your achievements. If you’ve received praise for some recent work or been involved in a project that made you shine, shout about it! Use this opportunity to let the employer know what makes you stand out from the other candidates.

Include your experience. Relate your skills, and the skills they are looking for, to your previous work experience. Use assertive and positive language such as “developed” “managed” or “achieved”.

Don’t forget your interests. It might not seem an important part of your CV, but here is another last chance to showcase the skills you’ve got to offer. Describe examples of responsibility or team work that you have been involved in. Are you part of a club or group? Make yourself sound interesting.

Make your references count. They should be from somebody who has employed you in the past and can vouch for your skills and experience. If you are struggling, consider a tutor or another professional who knows you well enough. And don’t forget to ask them first!

And remember…..we are here to help!  If you need any further help or advice email us at itsworking@theworksrecruitment.com