10 ways you could be annoying your colleagues!

We all have that annoying colleague at work…..bless them….! But would you be upset if you found out that annoying colleague was you??!! We can’t all get on with and like ABSOLUTELY everybody at work. There’s so many different types of personality there is bound to be some relationships that are stronger than others, and possibly a few personality clashes at times. But it’s really important to be aware of other people around you at work and to consider their feelings too when you are at work.

So we’ve listed our top 10 most annoying habits which you should avoid at work (unless you want to be that annoying colleague!):-

  1. Showing up to work late. Every day. And your excuse is that your train is always late. You know the answer to that one…..get an earlier train!
  2. Being negative all the time. Okay there’s jobs we all hate doing, but we don’t all shout about it and let everybody else know we’re unhappy! Being negative at work can have an effect on the rest of the team and reduce levels of motivation so don’t do it.
  3. Being noisy. Ever sat next to that noisy eater or loud talker on the phone? Yes its really quite frustrating isnt it! Just be mindful of others around you – not everybody wants to hear what you are doing day in day out.
  4. Doing personal stuff at work. This includes checking your personal emails, making personal calls, painting your nails or booking next year’s holiday. Save them for evenings and weekends please!
  5. Avoiding your colleagues out of work. Team social events are really important for improving relations and staff morale. But if you’re making excuses to avoid these types of events all the time you’re not going to come across as a good team player.
  6. The flip side of this, is being too clicky at work. It’s really important to have close relationships but you don’t want to be leaving anybody out or making people feel uncomfortable if they aren’t part of the “in crowd”.
  7. Taking praise for everything. If there’s a project you’ve run and you get some good feedback on it, don’t forget about the people that helped you achieve it. The rest of the team deserve a mention too for all their hard work – otherwise why would they want to help you in the future?
  8. Being too distracting. Whilst cheerful colleagues can boost office morale, those that feel the need to broadcast their every thought and waking moment can distract others from work. Not everybody cares to be honest!
  9. Missing somebody out on the coffee run. It’s a bit mean really, and you wouldn’t like it. Don’t just make a brew for your “friends” – ask everybody in the team unless you want to make enemies for yourself!
  10. Sucking up to the boss. We aren’t saying don’t be nice to the boss, or build relationships with them, just don’t be too creepy! It can be off-putting to other colleagues – especially if they feel they aren’t being recognised for their efforts too.

So there you have it, our top 10 most annoying habits at work. If you want friends, and you want to be liked at work, just don’t go there. It’s as simple as that really – treat people the way you expect to be treated yourself.