Attract the Top Talent to your business

Most businesses strive to find the top industry talent but never know how to do it right. It is essential to understand the attributes that motivate and inspire candidates to invest their talent in a company.

By promoting your company’s image, values, culture and opportunities you can give people an insight into what it’s like to work for your company so they can see how they would fit in.


Here are some of the best ways to attract leading industry talent to your business:

Pay generously
The highest priority is pay for people, which is still the biggest motivator. Offering high salaries will always ensure a high calibre candidate. However, employers should never assume that paying the highest salary will guarantee their long term loyalty. Don’t be surprised when the same employee leaves in the future, having received a more lucrative financial offer.

Development opportunities
The opportunity to develop both personally and professionally is vital for any jobseeker. Can you offer them a training and development plan that can help expand their career? Clear development for growth and promotion within a business is one of the biggest draws for candidates to businesses. By providing them with opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop their skills you will give them long-term future prospects.

Work Life Balance
Work-life balance is still a hot topic along with lifestyle perks like gym membership, spa treatments, on-site leisure facilities, golf membership, which are some of the ways you can attract workers. Consider developing a ‘lifestyle perk list’ with fun and creative opportunities for employees to enjoy leisure time activities onsite or at partner businesses. Advertise this on your career website to distinguish your company from your competitors.

Added Value
Top talent will choose to work for a company if there is a strong alignment between their personal values and the company’s corporate values. Be sure to clearly promote the values on which your company is built, such as creativity and innovation, environmental or leadership. Does your culture reward teamwork or competitiveness? Individuality or conformity? Promoting the company values will help to attract like-minded individuals and will increase the likelihood of finding the right match.

Reputation is key
The most popular companies to work for have strong brand recognition and a reputation for excellence in their industry. The most discerning professionals also use their networks to gain insight into the internal reputation of the workplace, or the ‘real picture’ of what it’s like to work there. Make sure your employees are brand ambassadors by motivating them into being positive about your company and spreading the word.

Flexible benefit plans appeal to employees as this allow workers to select additional benefits they desire, such as increased pension contributions, childcare vouchers, subsidised training, access to mentoring, company cars and entertainment incentives.

Working Hours
Flexible working allows employees to have a better work life balance which is key to job satisfaction. This could mean, flexi-hours, home working, hot desking from different office locations. For some professionals, like those with young families, the ability to work from home or reduce their working week may be particularly appealing.

Use a recruitment agency
One way employers can attract the most talented professionals is to use a recruitment agency who will do all the leg work for you. Recruiters like The Works have access to a wide and varied talent pool, including jobseekers and other individuals who are not actively looking for a new role. If your organisation is able to offer them an attractive enough opportunity, they may be willing to pursue it.

Recruiters can negotiate on behalf of both the employer and prospective employee, ensuring mutually beneficial agreements can be reached.

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Happy Hunting…