5 tips for successfully getting on the career ladder

It can be a frustrating position to find yourself in. You’re ready to join the working world but you’re faced with the usual catch 22; you want a job in a certain role or industry, but you have no previous experience. Either that or you haven’t quite got the qualifications you need to get started.

Fear not! Everyone has to start somewhere. While it can feel frustrating, you just need to get that one foot in the door and you’ll be well on your way. To help you out, CV-Library has pulled together its top tips for successfully climbing on the career ladder.

1. Have the right attitude

As with anyone on the job search, you need to have the right attitude. Be positive and open-minded when looking for a role and don’t be disheartened if you don’t land a job right away.

When it comes to getting on the ladder, it may take a bit of time. And that’s OK. Stick with it and make sure you let your personality shine through. Even if you don’t quite meet all the requirements, employers appreciate a candidate who is positive, hardworking and has a can-do attitude.

2. Don’t downplay your achievements

There may be things you’ve done in the past that you don’t deem to be anything special, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you get on the career ladder. So don’t downplay your achievements.

After all, while you may think that coaching the local under 10s football team has nothing to do with finding a sales role, it actually does! In fact, it shows leadership and commitment, so never rule these things out, just because you don’t think it’s a big deal.

3. Consider what makes you great for the job

Just because you don’t tick all the boxes on paper, it doesn’t mean you’re not right for the job. You need to consider other aspects of your life and skills that make you a good match – then you need to sell these to potential employers.

Think of any hobbies, volunteer work or projects that you can refer to. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a marketing role. You might not have any previous experience, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be hired. After all, you may have a blog or large social media following, which you can should about instead.

Include these in your CV and cover letter when applying for jobs and explain how these make you right for the role.

4. Draw on your transferable skills

Similar to the above, when you’re first starting out, or have little to no experience, you might not have all the technical skills required for many job roles. But that’s OK. Make the most of your transferable skills instead.

You may have learnt these skills through education, work experience or extra-curricular activities. In particular, soft skills such as communication, team work and problem solving are very appealing to employers. Again, you need to shout about these during your job search.

One trick of the trade is to pay close attention to the skills mentioned in the job advert. If you can match yourself up to the key requirements of the role, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting the job.

5. Start from the bottom rung

You may have your dream job in your head, but unfortunately we can’t always hope to start at the top of the ladder. Be prepared to take on more junior roles. This will help you to build up your experience and work your way up the ladder.

Ready to step onto the career ladder?

In summary, your attitude is the key to your job search success. Remember to shout about what makes you great and you’ll be able to get your foot on the ladder in no time.

Do this by turning to your transferable skill set and really selling this to employers within your CV and cover letter. Put the time in now and you’ll definitely see results in the very near future.