Does your career need a review for 2018?

January is officially the most popular month for job changes or people resigning from their current roles. Maybe it’s something to do with having time to reflect over the festive period and New Year’s resolutions beckoning. But an interesting survey last year revealed that the top reason people resign is due to low salary (35%) closely followed by them wanting a new challenge to get their teeth into (23%).

So, has the festive period got you thinking and considering a career change or a new challenge for 2018? If it has then you might benefit from our career assessment guide – The Five F’s. You can use this process to measure every job opportunity you are faced with or just to evaluate your current career as it stands!

  1. Family – Does the new opportunity / your current role fit in with your current family or social life situation and personal commitments? By this we mean the hours of work, the location, travel time, stress. A well paid job that stops you seeing your friends and family might not appeal to everybody – especially with many people wanting better work-life balance nowadays.
  2. Financial – Have you done the numbers? Is it worth the salary and are there any other perks – bonuses, shares, a good pension, commission, and a good pay structure with the potential to develop?
  3. Fair – Is it the right thing to do? Does it feel right and does it make you happy? No point in doing something if you’re not going to get anything out of it. Don’t be talked into any job you don’t want to do, it’s not worth it.
  4. Fun – How much fun will it be? Laughs and smiles are the essence of a great job. Are the people there fun to be around – can you see yourself making friends there? Is there a good vibe about the place and is it somewhere that makes you feel happy to go to work each day?
  5. Fame – Will it put you on the map, on the radar; will this lead to the next amazing opportunity? Is there chance of progression or development, is it going to look good on your CV? It might not be the perfect job for life, but maybe it’s a stepping stone towards developing key skills?


Remember if you are considering a big move this year, you must be motivated enough to carry it through. Don’t go into it half-heartedly or it will show. You need to be engaged, have the right expectations and do your research. It will show if you don’t! Get in touch for the full version of the Five F’s and how we use it with our candidates and clients – you might learn something valuable from it!