CEO Blog: 4 Traits of Generation Z

by Gillian Johnson

You’ve heard of Generation X and Y, but believe it or not, Generation Z will be working in your businesses very soon. Research suggests they will be very different from their older counter parts and, as an increasing numbers of younger workers start to take over a large percent of a country’s entire workforce, it’s important that businesses know who they are so that they can attract the best employees in future years.

So what do employers need to know about Generation Z? Not a lot can actually be said based on fact of this workforce, as they are too young on the whole to actually work! But there are a few educated guesses we can make about them and things businesses need to address to ensure they get the best working talent who will be applying for jobs in the next few years.

Generation Z are Technoholics

For the first time in history, not only have Generation Z have been in to a world with computers, they have also been born into a world where we have used the internet. This means that modern IT systems are imperative in a workplace to ensure this generation of workers can complete tasks.

If something can be completed on a computer, tablet or smartphone, it most certainly will be done on one and there is suggestion that they might struggle to use any other method if for some reason there isn’t a working IT source at hand.

The way people will apply for job applications will start to change two as more and more seek to communicate with businesses over social media.

Generation Z create their own media

Having always had use of the internet, Generation Z also has the confidence online to start using the latest social media and communication services first. They have grown up in a world of YouTube content, blogs and Instagram pictures, and are much more likely to start using these platforms to create their online content as well.

This potentially causes dilemmas for those in Recruitment/HR circles, as the risks of social media content has been well documented, leading to people out of work or, for some, in prison. The line between privacy and publicity has become increasing blurred with the widespread adoption of these technologies and, for those who have grown up in a world where this is the norm, employers need to ensure that their workers are not tarnishing their brand for all of the world’s eyes to see.

Generation Z are looking for Security and Stability

Having also lived through the well-publicised economic downturn, global warming, constant national conflicts and wars, Generation Z are looking for security and stability in the life, where Generation Y are looking for freedom and flexibility to do their own things.

This can read either of two ways; One, Generation Z will give employers long-lasting service, or two, will see employees move from one job to another to search for the financial security and life they desire. It is important for employers to understand these aspirations and that they advertise and demonstrate how a career in their business will be a stable one for young workers arriving on doorsteps in the next couple of years.

They may be young now, but it will only take ten years for them to be a part of a business. So it is important that we understand what will make them tick to continue developing a great team of workers!