Don’t get spooked out by recruitment!

Do you find recruitment a scary task? With Halloween just around the corner, and Christmas only a few weeks away, this could be one of your busiest times of year. Let us help take the spook out of your recruitment process with our top tips below:-

  • Firstly, be clear on what you are looking for. Define the requirements of the job and make it sound appealing to potential candidates. Make your offer attractive so that candidates want to apply for it. Your vacancy needs to stand out from the competition and make people interested in what you are offering.
  • Share your company message and brand. By communicating your key messages you will help candidates understand your culture and ethics. You can’t expect somebody to prepare for an interview if they don’t understand what you are all about. Make sure your website and social media postings are up to date and consistent so that people can easily access information about who you are.
  • Be flexible. Would you consider a job share or flexible working? Many candidates nowadays are looking for more work-life balance in their career, so you need to be accommodating and flexible with your offering. Having an attractive package will draw candidates to your business and treating them well when you’ve employed them will make them hang around!
  • Get help from a colleague or two. Having a second or third opinion can really help when you have a pile of CV’s to look through or a number of interviews to make. Having multiple points of view when considering candidates is the best way of ensuring your company hires the best talent. Make sure its people you trust and who understand what you are looking for.
  • Don’t waste time. If you spend too much time deciding which candidate you prefer, you could lose out on the best talent to a competitor. People don’t want to have to wait a long time to find out if they got the job. Make decisions as quickly as you can and make an offer to the talent you have worked so hard to attract to your company.

So hiring great people does not have to be scary. Give us a call if you need any assistance with your recruitment process – that’s what we’re here for! We can help you with the interview process or take the pressure off trawling through that pile of CV’s. We can help you write your job description, find you the best talent and give you our expert recruitment advice. If you want to discuss any of these items in more detail please get in touch with our recruitment team today!