Why it’s cool to be a geek!

Tomorrow, on the 25th May 2017, we celebrate Geek Pride Day. On this day, which is a worldwide celebration of nerdom, there may be meet-ups or parties to celebrate anything and everything worth geeking-out over. So it gave us an idea……we think it’s pretty cool to be a geek and here are our reasons why:

GEEK PRIDE 2017 - Geeky glasses, WORK IT

• Geeks are passionate about their hobbies. They love software engineering, systems design and technology to name a few – but they really know their stuff. It can be very handy to have a geek in your life as you never know when you might need their intelligence to help you out with a software related problem!

• Geeks are dedicated, and we think that dedication is a good trait to have. It can be transferred and applied to other areas such as your career and your aspirations. Being dedicated shows commitment and enthusiasm, and we all know these are really good skills to have as a business owner or an employee!

• Geeks are clever. They have a strong hunger for knowledge and they like to learn new skills and solve problems. They have exceptional knowledge in their particular interest which very often leads them to a successful career – after all, it was geeks who created the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram!

• Geeks are hard workers. They enjoy studying and working hard until they become experts in their field. They tend to approach everything as a project that needs mastering. They definitely make the best candidates in that respect!

• Geeks are fashionable – some even think it’s the new sexy! It’s no longer considered uncool to be a geek – the dark rimmed glasses, the combed over hairstyle, the skinny jeans……most of the “cool” guys are wearing this stuff nowadays!

Check out these surprising stats:-

65% of video game designers identify as geeks
50% of technology engineers identify as geeks
66% of millennials think “geek” is a compliment

So don’t be ashamed if you are a geek, it’s pretty cool that you are! We believe that everybody needs a geek in their life. We all have some geekiness inside of us – look how obsessed we all are with social media, mobiles phones and technology! So we say……embrace your inner geekiness and make the most of it. Chances are, if you are a true geek, you’ll have talents and qualities that many others will be jealous of!