Happiness at Work Uncovered

Being happy at work is an important part of any job, but here at the Works we have taken the bold and unusual step of measuring how happy our people are in their work. As one of the first organisations in the UK to use a new tool that measure levels of happiness among its employees, we wanted to share it … Joanne Shires, Head of People and Talent at The Works was more than happy to help launch the study and its findings to a national audience recently.

As the Works took part in the pilot study we are in a privileged position that we can benchmark our results from the very first survey of its kind. The Happiness at Work Survey will be repeated from the beginning of October, by all Work’s Recruitment across our three offices.

The Works was very fortunate in being invited by The New Economics Foundation (NEF) to take part a pioneering study using a unique tool designed for measuring happiness in the workplace. NEF regarded The Works as a perfect test bed for their much anticipated and unique Happiness at Work study – designed to measure levels of satisfaction in the workplace.

The study covers areas as diverse as working environment, leadership, safety and security and equality at work and what’s more, we acted quickly and made changes as a result of taking part. Check out Jo’s interview at http://goo.gl/P3JAh  Happy days!

You can also check the survey out for yourself at https://www.happinessatworksurvey.com/ to see if theres anything you can do to make your work more enjoyable!