How to adjust to a new boss

Getting a new boss can be a bit unsettling and daunting and bring up a few initial thoughts and fears:

• Will they like me? What if I don’t like them?
• Will things change at work?
• I’m happy with the way things are!
• I’m going to miss my old boss!

But change can be good. Don’t see it as a negative but as a positive. As much as we might dislike change, and it can be a bit frightening, we must be adaptable and embrace new beginnings.
Here’s our top tips on how to adjust to a new boss to ensure you start the relationship as you mean to go on:-

1. Firstly, try to put yourself in their shoes. They will probably be feeling nervous too, and have the same worries that you might have. Make them feel welcome and be open minded – it might be a change for the better. Be friendly and help them settle in – we all know how hard it can be starting a new job or role!

2. Have the right attitude and behaviour from the start. Choose to be optimistic and approachable. This could be an opportunity for you to start a fresh and you never know what exciting new options could become available to you!

3. Be helpful. New managers really appreciate employees who are encouraging and co-operative. Share information about your work, be a good listener and talk about things that have worked really well in the past. This will show your new boss that you are willing to co-operate and make the new relationship work.

4. Be ready for change and embrace it. Remember that “different” does not mean “wrong”. There is no right and wrong way of doing something, as long as you are both reaching your objectives and delivering what the company expects from you. See it as a new approach which you need to adjust to.

5. Be proactive and schedule a meeting to bring them up to speed on what you have been working on. You can also use this opportunity to let them know about any projects you’d like to work on. It could be a chance to speak out if you haven’t had chance to before.

6. Try to understand your manager’s leadership style. Your new boss may not have been a manager before so try to understand how hard it might also be for them. Allow them time to settle into their new role before you make any judgements.

7. Find out what they expect from you. Understand how they want to be communicated to and plan regular catch ups to give you both an opportunity to evaluate how the new set up is working. Then you can make sure you are both getting what you expect from the relationship.

Finally, be patient. Remember it takes time to adjust to a new situation and a hiccup or two is normal and expected until you find out how you can work together. New relationships take time to build trust and loyalty – you can’t expect it to happen overnight!

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