How to Attract and Recruit Talent

The days where employees dedicate their whole working career to one company is well and truly over. Nowadays the average length of employment is around 3-4 years. Research also shows that over half of all employees are actively seeking a new job or will be open to new job offers if one arose.

So, how can you effectively attract and recruit the right candidates and keep hold of them? Check out our top tips below on how to attract and retain the best employees for your business:-

  1. Call the professionals. The benefit of using a recruitment agency like ourselves is that we have the skillset and knowledge base to accurately assess potential candidates and help your company make the right hiring decisions. We have access to a variety of candidates who we will vet before we recommend them to your company, saving you time and money.
  2. Provide attractive career paths. There’s a lot of competition out there for candidates so if you want to make your company stand out to potential employees you need to have a good offering. Can you offer promotions, salary increases, performance bonuses or training opportunities? Perks like these will attract candidates to your company.
  3. Consider flexible working arrangements. Many candidates nowadays want more than just an attractive salary or a good pension scheme. They look for companies who can offer flexible schedules, work-from-home options and time off for important events. Try to remember your employees do have a life out of work and if you can support them they will respect you more.
  4. Offer employee referral programmes. It’s been proven that candidates who have been referred to the company are the best ones, as they tend to stay at the job longer and perform better. If you offer your employees a bonus reward scheme for referring a successful candidate then it’s a good incentive for your staff.
  5. Don’t forget your existing staff! If you have a new job opportunity available, you could look at your current workforce to fill this post. After all, they will already know your company, clients and processes so it gives you an instant head start! There might be somebody internally who is looking for a new challenge and will appreciate a new focus to keep them motivated.
  6. Keep in touch with old employees. Nowadays, workers may transition in and out of employment over the course of their careers. There might be a particular old member of staff you have in mind who is looking for their next move… could be your opportunity to re-gain a valuable employee!

If you systematically follow these steps, you will be able to attract and retain good employees. For more information about how we can find you the best talent contact one of our recruitment experts today.