How to create a healthy company culture

A company’s culture refers to the “values, attitudes, beliefs, habits and behaviours of your employees”.  A strong and clear culture will ensure everyone involved works within a structured framework, which will help drive business success. A healthy corporate culture, reflecting your core business values, will improve the performance of a business in a number of areas. Follow our simple guide below to help you create yours:-

Strong Leadership

Firstly, you must have a strong and committed leadership team. Culture is shaped mostly by how your leaders act, so make sure your leaders act and work the way you want your company to be portrayed. Your leaders need to set an example to the rest of your staff, so make sure they are achieving this.

Motivated Staff

Ensure you have a well-rounded team who offer a variety of skills. Find great people who complement you and your business. Make your workplace an environment of trust and share your vision and values internally. Keep your employees engaged and make sure they buy into your company culture. Value your staff and their contributions to the business and keep their morale high. If you look after your employees they will remain loyal and committed to your business.

Team Work

Remember you’re all part of the same team. If you have the ethos that “we’re all in this together” it will help you build a sense of unity and community, which will foster culture. The best people are team players who truly support the company, its founders, management and co-workers. Build trust with your staff and involve them in your decisions. This way they will want you to succeed and want to be part of your success. Together you will be building a stronger business.


Build honest and open relationships with communication. Your staff needs to understand your culture and your plans for the business. They also need to be able to share their ideas and speak openly without fear of repercussion. They want their opinions heard, and they want to feel good. Listen to your employees and their ideas. Use this knowledge to focus your activities and agree the direction of the business.


If you have a healthy corporate culture with engaged and committed staff, you will gain a positive reputation for your business. This will help you attract talented and skilled workers to your organisation. One of the best ways to promote your business is word of mouth, and customers will be more likely to do business with you if you have a solid corporate reputation.

And finally…..

When you’ve managed to develop a strong and clear company culture, and you have your amazing team engaged and on board….promote it internally and externally, constantly review and adapt it, and make sure you continuously evolve it to the ever changing marketplace.

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