How to get a promotion

If you’re after a promotion in the workplace then you need a well thought out plan and strategy. A promotion won’t just be offered to you on a plate.…you need to work hard and show that you are more than capable of the new responsibility.

Here’s our quick guide to help you get on your way:-

  1. Ask for more responsibilities. This will show your boss that you are interested to learn new skills, are capable of handling more pressure and are eager to help others out. It goes without saying that one of the best ways to succeed in getting a promotion is to expand your knowledge and skills set to make you a more attractive candidate for any new roles.
  2. Get your boss on your side! If you have a good relationship with your boss and they trust you in your work, they will support you and recommend you for other positions. You could build a rapport with your boss by learning more about their interests and hobbies out of work so that you get to know them on a more personal basis. Your boss can also be a great source for information and career guidance.
  3. Be a team player. Help your colleagues out, muck in where needed, and share successes with your team. Try to avoid pointing your finger when there are failures – if you support each other it will build your reputation and increase your value in the organisation. Management always love a good team player.
  4. Develop your network of contacts. The more people who know you, know your strengths and abilities, the more likely your name will be discussed when opportunities arise. Communicate with the right people and let them know you are seeking a promotion.
  5. Always be professional. Keep a positive outlook on things, even when in tough situations. Try to be a problem-solver and let people see you are capable of coming up with solutions. Problem-solvers get promoted. Complainers who expect their boss to solve all their problems don’t.
  6. If you see a potential area that has been neglected — and you have key skills in that area – write a proposal for a new position! Even if the company does not go for the new position, you have shown your initiative, creativity, and value to the firm — and these things can only help you the next time you request a promotion.

And finally, if all else fails, come and see us! We can give you more advice on how to step up the career ladder or help you with your next career move. We have a dedicated and professional team of advisers who can find you the perfect promotion!