How to Have a Professional Social Media Account

An impressive CV is no longer the only way to attract potential employers – your social media profiles are now also an effective way to pursue your dream career. Many companies nowadays will use social media sites to research job applicants, so it’s crucial that your accounts portray a professional  image, so that prospective employers get a good first impression of you.

Here are some top tips to ensuring your social media profile remains up to speed:-

1.Create a professional profile. Make it clear what you are providing or what type of work you are looking for and clearly list your skills. Ensure your profile name is simply just your name and doesn’t include nicknames or emoji’s. Make sure your grammar is up to scratch and get somebody to check it for you to be certain.

2.Don’t have any inappropriate posts or pictures on your profile – these could be drunken, sexual, political or religious posts that could offend somebody or cast you in a negative light. Change your social media privacy settings to stop inappropriate posts being tagged into your profiles and warn friends and contacts that you want your profile remaining professional.

3.Think before you post. Potential employers could be looking at your sites to get a feel of your character before they offer you a job. You don’t want to harm your employment chances so keep posts professional and appropriate. Make sure your employment statuses reflect your goals and are relevant to what employment you are looking for.

4.Follow the type of companies you want to work for so you will be able to keep up with their business news and job posts. It will help in your interview if you have done some background research in your chosen field.

5.Post on a regular basis. Social media posts are an excellent way of letting people know you are looking for recruitment.