How to make your business more appealing to candidates – be different!

Having a good workplace is partly down to the people you have in it. From an employee perspective, a great workplace is one where they have pride in what they do and enjoy the people they work with.  A lot of firms nowadays are “going the extra mile” to keep their employees happy and engaged at work. Your staff are at work a long time and it needs to be a place where they feel happy, motivated and inspired. When you are trying to attract potential new recruits to your business, how can you make sure your offerings stand out from the crowd?

Offer attractive staff benefits and initiatives

A happy and positive workplace will deliver better working results. Nowadays, employees want more than just a decent holiday package and pension. More and more companies are offering attractive benefits such as private healthcare, childcare vouchers, subsidised gym memberships and loyalty discount cards. Consider initiatives and award schemes to make your staff feel appreciated and looked after. This could include cycle-to-work schemes, employee of the month bonuses and long service awards. Also consider injecting a bit of fun into the workplace with activities such as Dress Down Fridays or baking competitions!

Provide regular staff training and development

A large part of looking after your staff should be by offering them career development and training to develop their skills. This will ensure your employees are better able to perform their jobs and will help build their confidence. It will also show your employees that they are valued by creating a supportive workplace.  It can help your business be a strong competitor within the industry if you have staff who feel appreciated and challenged in their roles.

Offer family friendly working policies

A family-friendly workplace or employer is one whose policies make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work, and to fulfil both their family and work obligations. There is evidence from a number of studies to show that family-friendly policies generate employee loyalty. In many cases, “these policies are so important to job seekers that they’re willing to take less money in return for the flexibility they offer”. (The Work Group for Community Health and Development Project at the University of Kansas). It’s important to recognise the demands of family life and the great impact your policies will have on staff. Offers to consider are; attractive maternity packages, working from home policies, return to work schemes, job sharing, flex-time and part-time working hours.

Get involved in CSR programmes

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of organisations offering practical as well as financial support to the charity sector and initiatives that allow employees to fulfil a desire to give something back. The involvement in a corporate social responsibility scheme will give your business a better public image and promote media coverage. It will also boost employee engagement and make you more attractive as a potential recruiter by showing that you are “giving something back” to the community.

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