What qualities to look for in a candidate

So, what are the best qualities to seek when looking for a new candidate?


You’ve trawled through the pile of CV’s and got a handful of hopeful candidates. They all have pretty impressive profiles and you are intrigued to find out more. But what qualities and signs should you be looking for in a potential new employee? The most successful companies hire staff based mostly on future success and a great personality.


Check out our guide below to the top 5 qualities to look out for in the interview process:-

  1. Does the candidate demonstrate the ability to get the job done and give you confidence that they can fulfil the requirements of the role? The candidate will need to be able to set priorities, to plan, to deliver and to solve problems. There may be day-to-day challenges that come with the job and you need to know that they will be able to handle it without running to you every 2 minutes!
  2. A positive attitude and enthusiasm. Does the candidate have charisma and a sense of humour? Look out for people that are happy and positive, as they are the ones that will inspire others and keep the workplace optimistic and energetic.
  3. The candidate needs to be able to work well with lots of different characters in the workplace and to fit in with the company’s culture. Is the candidate easy-going, warm and friendly? They are key signs to look for in an interview. Are you going to be able to work with this person day in day out and will your colleagues like them?
  4. Ambition and confidence. Is the candidate showing an interest in the company during the interview process? Are they asking questions and displaying an inner ambition to succeed? The candidate needs to demonstrate that they are willing to accept challenges and speak out if needed. A willingness and desire to accept responsibility will demonstrate strong leadership skills.
  5. The candidate may be required to work in different departments or be given challenging responsibilities and you need to know that they will be able to get stuck in and help out where needed. They need to show you that they will be hardworking and passionate in whatever they are doing.

You can provide training and mentoring to your employees to teach them how to do the job, but what you can’t teach is integrity, self-confidence and work ethic. You need to be confident that your potential new employee will be loyal and will not let you down. You need to be able to trust them and know they are honest and forthright and will represent your brand the right way. Go with your gut instinct, it’s usually the right way to do it and you will probably know in the first 5 minutes if they are the candidate for you or not!

We can help you with the interview process or take the pressure off trawling through CV’s. If you want to discuss any of these items in more detail get in touch with our team today! We are a Specialist Leeds Recruitment Business with a wealth of sector and industry knowledge within the professional services, industrial, engineering and built environment sectors in the Yorkshire area.