What is Internal Mobility?

Do you understand Internal mobility?

Internal mobility is the new a buzz phrase among a number of leading talent managers and HR specialists. So do you know what this means and how you can apply this in your business model?

Employers from blue chip companies to SMEs are now taking note of internal mobility because of the huge potential it has to help businesses retain their best talent and improve their morales.

Forbes reports that professional development opportunities are a key factor in turnover rates and a lack of them always pops up frequently in exit interviews. Numerous other studies have also found links between staff development and retention.

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31% of people have quit a job in the first 6 months

76% of new recruits want on the job training

Training and retaining your key staff encourages loyalty, improves and widens the knowledge base within the business and can lead to increased productivity.

There are a number of ways to help your staff develop professionally but being able to offer them a qualification while they work is something most ambitious employees would relish. More and more employers are realising the advantage of providing employees with opportunities to further their own personal ambition with industry qualifications. Which in turn opens up more opportunities for the employee.

As an employer, if you and your employee meet the current Skills Funding Agency eligibility criteria you could apply to receive funding of up to two thirds of the course cost.  There are also incentive payments for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In this ever more competitive market, having an engaged, highly-skilled workforce is a way to benefit both the business and the employee.

No matter what the size of your organisation or the number of staff you have, ensuring you have a skilled engaged team will provide your business with stability and opportunities.

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