Keeping Your Staff Motivated

“A good job is hard to find, but every decent business knows a good employee is even harder to keep.” (

Are you looking after your staff? Are they satisfied in their job and are they motivated? To get the most out of your staff, and to motivate them to perform to the best of their ability, you must treat them right. It’s not all about the benefits or pay you offer – they need to look forward to coming into work and they must enjoy their job if you want to maintain productivity in the workplace.

Here’s our top tips on how you can keep your employees happy and motivated:-

  1. Be a good leader and set an example. Leadership is one of the key factors in employee motivation. Work closely with your employees and set clear expectations. Be a good role model and trust your work force.
  2. Listen and be available. Not only will it provide you with much-needed insight on your business from the people who help keep it running but it will make your employees feel supported. Remember to communicate so everybody knows what is going on.
  3. Offer and encourage staff training. Empowering your staff to excel in their role and learn new skills will create a sense of ownership and will lead to better performance. Make your staff feel valued and loved.
  4. Create targets and goals. It will give your staff something to work towards and help them feel motivated in their role. Make sure the goals are realistic and have regular 1-2-1’s with your team to encourage them and support them reaching their targets.
  5. Reward staff for good achievements. Everyone wants to be recognised. If somebody does well, let them and everybody else know about it! It will bring the best out in your highest achieving staff and make them feel more motivated in their role.
  6. And finally, keep the workplace a happy one. Plan a “dress down day”, a baking competition or a team lunch. It’s a good way to break up the day-to-day routine of the work schedule and will encourage teamwork. By keeping the atmosphere lively and fresh, you will also encourage your staff to be inventive.

So, to summarise, look after your staff to keep them motivated in the workplace. Make them feel wanted, important and loved. Be supportive and encouraging and most of all have fun! If you want to keep your best staff, you need to treat them well.

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