What has your dad taught you?

When you were a child, he probably taught you how to swim, play football and tie your shoe laces. And as you grew up into an adult did he show you how to change a car tyre, use a screwdriver, wire a plug and mow your lawn? You could always count on your dad – some of us still do! He always seems to know the right way, whether it’s how to fix something or driving to a new place. And if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly we say!

So if you are struggling what to buy your dad for Father’s Day this year, and getting a bit sick of buying socks or chocolates, then why don’t you do something more meaningful? Let your dad know how much you care by doing something a little bit special this year, something which has come straight from the heart.

• Make him a list of why you respect him. This could include major achievements or life events. It could be the way he treats people, some of the decisions he has made or his views on certain things.

• Make him a photo collage or a short video clip. This could include other family members including children or grandchildren. If you make a short video you could add his favourite song to it too.

• Give him some “time out” vouchers that you have made yourself and include his most favourite things: playing football in the park, watching TV, taking him to the cinema. And promise to do them all with him before the end of Summer!

• Write him a poem describing his best qualities and why he means so much to you. It could include all the nice things he’s done for you over the years or what qualities you love the most about him.

Whatever you decide to do this year, we are sure he will love it, after all he’s probably your number one fan! He’s been there from the start and knows you the most out of anybody else. (We know mums are fab too but this post is dedicated to all the amazing dads out there!) So spoil your dad this Sunday, and make him feel special. He most definitely deserves it!