Network Your Way Up The Career ladder

“Career experts estimate that the vast majority of job openings are never advertised or publicly announced, but filled through word-of-mouth or networking — known as the hidden job market” (Dr. Randall S. Hansen, founder of Quintessential Careers)

Anybody you have contact with could be a potential new recruiter or a referral to that dream job. Consider the following to help you network your way to a new career:-

  1. Connect with us. We can give you access to our large contact database and find the right connections to help you in your job search. Not all vacancies are advertised so if you register with us we can look for suitable roles to meet your requirements.
  2. Let your friends and family know you are looking for a new job. Then they can spot jobs for you and recommend you to their networks. Don’t feel bad about asking for help; many companies offer employees bonuses for recommending candidates who are hired and prove to be excellent employees.
  3. Use social media. Thousands of people access Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis and it’s an excellent way of letting people know you are looking for a career move. And don’t forget to “like” potential employers’ social media sites!
  4. Attend relevant business networking events. Whether this is training events, social events or formal events….you never know who you might get talking to and what opportunities it might offer you. If you are a bit nervous about attending your first one then take a working friend!
  5. Join a club. This could be sport related or hobby related. These are all great opportunities to connect with other like-minded people who share your interests. You could even offer to help out or join club committees to showcase your ability and potential to the rest of the group. You never know where it might lead to.
  6. Talk to your hairdresser, gym instructor or lunch provider. These people are talking to the public day in, day out and it’s time to get something back from them for the years you have been paying for their services! You could task them with getting you a referral or recommendation!
  7. Find a mentor – somebody to shadow and learn from. Ask them if you can go to meetings or events with them and try to get an insight into how they have become successful themselves. They will also be able to offer advice and introduce you to others so that you can expand your network.
  8. Impress your customers. Work hard and impress them at all times. They may just be your next employer! Many people have been head hunted from their current roles so make sure you are always professional and competent so that you stand out from the crowd.

Finally, remember to follow up with your network. The key is keeping your network informed of your situation and thanking them for their efforts. Never take your network for granted and let them know they are appreciated. Happy networking!