New Year New Talent

In just the first week of 2016, more than 1.1 million job applications have been made on and over 60,000 new candidates have joined the site in a bid to start 2016 with a brand new role.


So what can your business do to attract new talent and what is the best way of doing this?

Three Ways to Find Talent


Despite the continuous parade of new ways to get our attention the reality is that posting jobs online is still one of the most effective strategies to attract talent.

Whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device, job seekers begin their job search using a search engine, and the results returned for any online job search are typically dominated by postings on job boards. What happens next is often a “good news/bad news” situation – lots of applications, but only a few qualified candidates.


Surveys and studies show that employee referrals are the most effective source for quality hires, employers need to place more emphasis on how they can tap into this desirable resource. Traditional methods include encouraging employee referrals with everything from cash bonuses to quarterly drawings for coffeemakers. In reality, these types of “incentives” do very little to achieve the desired result.

Referrals happen because employees like the place where they work, and they want to help their friends. Employers need to provide employees with specific information about open positions, and encourage them to think about whom they know that might be a good fit.


Big data. Data wrangling. Data visualization. Data curation. Everyone’s talking about data these days, but how exactly does it impact your job in talent acquisition? Knowledge is power and data can help you embrace the truth of reality – and enable you to develop strategies to face it head on.

As projected demographic shifts and talent shortages loom larger in the future, talent advisors and recruiters will be pressed hard to move away from traditional recruitment methods informed by past practices and dominated by gut feel or instinct. Employers must become experts at identifying and recruiting talent based upon more precise targeting and availability.

Video is BIG


Why being aware of this trend is critical — online videos now exceed 50 % of mobile traffic and 64 % of all Internet traffic. And video usage is bound to continue to increase. Videos are high impact and deliver a quick message to the audience. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, think what a video is worth because it is more eye-catching and engaging.

Videos are the best method of creating and showing the excitement and passion that can be found at your organisation.


Over half (54%) of UK workers wish they could change career


Rising to 72% for those aged between 25 and 34



The good news is that 84% of people did say they were at least somewhat satisfied in their job and the top happiness drivers are:

  • Job security (34%)
  • Making a difference to people’s lives (25%)
  • Feeling valued within their organisation (25%)
  • Working with people they consider friends (25%)


When it comes to what motivates employees in their jobs, these factors tend to change, as we get older. Career progression is considerably more important to those under 34 (16%) compared to those over 34 (4%), and salary becomes less important as we pass the 50 milestone.

One in 4 people said that pushing for a promotion is the time when we’re most likely to prioritise work over our personal lives. In contrast, when it comes time to start a family, 43% said having the right work-life balance is most important.

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