Re-vive Your Career

According to recent research, only 13% of employees across 142 countries are engaged at work. Bearing in mind that you spend roughly one-third of your life working, it’s really important to find an occupation that you enjoy and thrive in.

Now that we are in Spring, and Summer doesn’t feel too far away, maybe it’s time to re-vive your career.  Are you bored in your current role? Fed up of living for the weekend? Do you need motivation to get back on the career ladder? Well look no further…’s our simple guide on “How to Re-vive your Career”.

Get to the root of the problem

If you’re having problems dragging yourself out of bed in a morning, the first step is to reflect upon what might be causing you to have these issues.

Try to determine which aspects of your current work or environment make you unhappy: Is it the people you work with? Your employer’s values? The pace of business? Your boss’s management style?

Once you’re clear what the root of the problem is, you can start making little changes to get yourself back on track. You can then look for a career in an environment that provides a better match for your needs.


Re-vamp your CV

Make sure your CV is up-to-date and relevant. Think back and consider what achievements you have made over the past few months/years and if you’ve gained any new skills or experience.

Your CV should be concise and compelling – it should make you stand out from the crowd. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a direct bearing on the jobs you are seeking or that doesn’t tell the reader something about you and your qualities.

Keep it to 2 pages maximum and make sure your punctuation and grammar is up to scratch.

Register with a recruitment agency

And remember….money doesn’t always buy happiness! The best career is the one that suits your personality and skills and has the added bonus of a promising earning potential.

If you are in need of a new career then get in touch. We can help you find that new exciting role or challenge. We have an excellent knowledge of the market along with a very large network of contacts.

We can give advice and support with helping you look for the right opportunities to fit in with your skills and experience.

Don’t delay…..Give us a call today!