New Year resolutions to make a better you!

We all make resolutions for the New Year, year in year out, and start off January with great intentions of how we are going to lose weight, get fit, take up a hobby or spend more time with loved ones……but how many of us are still doing those resolutions by February or March?

But with 2018 just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about new goals and plans for next year, and in particular how you can relate these to your work. It’s really important to keep motivated at work and to enjoy what you do – otherwise what is the point?

Here’s a few ideas on some great New Year resolutions you could try for 2018:

  1. Do something for YOU as often as you can. Are you one of those people that goes out of their way doing things for others? That’s a lovely thing to do, and a big pat on the back for doing that, but what about YOU? Set some time aside for yourself – every day if you can. Whether that’s to relax, reflect, exercise, eat dinner, go for a walk or spend time with friends – you deserve some nice time too!
  2. Strive to learn new things and develop yourself. Read articles, do some free online training, watch a webinar on an evening, read a good motivational book or ask somebody at work to mentor you. If you learn and grow you will be capable of so much more in your working life – and will have so many new skills to offer.
  3. Reward yourself when you achieve good things. Research shows that people who receive praise or recognition at work are more happier and productive. Make sure you recognise yourself for your excellent efforts and give yourself a big pat on the back when you deserve it. Keep hold of “well done” emails or remind yourself of successful projects completed if you are ever having a down day!
  4. Listen more and talk less. This is really important when it comes to building relationships with your co-workers or management. Ask your colleagues questions, find out their thoughts on certain subjects, ask for their advice. Find out what they like doing out of work, build up a relationship and get to know what they are really like – it can really help team working if you do this.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone once in a while. We all get too comfortable doing what we know & enjoy day in day out, and many of us don’t like change or are scared of it. But it’s really good to challenge yourself once in a while and do something you wouldn’t normally do. It will really benefit you at work – it will make you more confident and feel really rewarded that you have conquered a fear. So make a point of speaking out in the team meeting or giving a presentation to a group of people – and let us know how you feel after doing it!

So, go grab that pen and paper and make a start on your resolutions for the New Year. Be your best in 2018 and remember you are in charge of your goals and dreams and only you can make them real. Have a lovely New Year and all the best for a prosperous 2018!