Show Some Love To Your Boss

  1. Dress to Impress

Employees who take great care with their appearance show their boss that they are committed to their job. If you constantly come to work ungroomed, unkempt and unprofessionally dressed, you’re definitely sending out the message that you couldn’t care less about being at work. Make a statement and Dress to impress, as this will get you noticed. Your clothing doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive brands. You just need to demonstrate that you’re making an effort and care about your professional appearance. Dressing well makes you look and feel better too.

  1. Avoid Laziness

One important way to show your boss that you care about your job is to avoid tardiness and get to work early. That means if you are scheduled to start at 9 am, you should arrive at least 10-15 minutes earlier to get yourself settled and ready to start working on time. Additionally, make every effort to go to work each day and do not call in sick unless absolutely necessary. Your boss will take notice and appreciate that you care enough about your job and the business to get to work on time.

  1. Give One Hundred Percent

You should give one hundred percent each day, every day. That means you need to work diligently to complete all tasks on time and limit your mistakes. When you do make a mistake, take full responsibility for your actions and never blame others. Work to your optimal ability and come prepared to give your all each day. This good work ethic will get noticed.

  1. Be a Team Player

People who care about their jobs want to do whatever it takes to get the work done and be productive for the sake of the company. They know that when they get their work done and the company is productive that they then increase their chances of getting a raise and a promotion, and keeping a steady job. Being a team player and working diligently with colleagues to accomplish great things in the workplace will get you noticed by your boss.

  1. Become a Visionary

If you have big dreams, keep dreaming and don’t let that spirit falter. Taking the time to make goals and an action plan to accomplish them will get your boss’s attention. Your employer needs to have employees who are visionaries and who are able to see the end goal and find the best way to get there.

  1. Be A Mentor

Your boss is seeking out employees who are proactive and who have demonstrated leadership material. These individuals will become the future leaders and managers of the company. If you want to get noticed and show your boss that you care about your job, give back by mentoring someone. Seek out ways that you can demonstrate your leadership ability in the workplace.

  1. Do More

When you love your job, you enjoy completing tasks and usually feel a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. If you want to show your boss you care about your job, seek out opportunities for more work. Ask for inclusion on new team projects. Make an effort to create new ways for your own work to get done that makes the process easier and more effective.

  1. Be Innovative

Show your boss you care by becoming more innovative each day. Learn more about the company and make an effort to understand their objectives, which will allow you to grow and develop as an employee. Being original and inventive with new ideas that can help the company grow even faster will show your boss that you have hidden talents.

  1. Appraise Yourself

Make an effort every day to take an introspective and honest look at your work performance, your production ability and how well each task is completed. When you take the time to continually evaluate yourself, you demonstrate that you are dedicated to the job and want to succeed at all costs – exactly the type of employee that your boss needs.

  1. Show Appreciation

Let your boss know how much you care about your job by periodically thanking him for the opportunity to work at the company or for being chosen to participate on the new team project. Always show your gratitude and demonstrate your excitement to be a useful and integral part of the team, without over doing it!