Stop sitting on the fence!

Sometimes it is easier to sit on the fence, complaining about something that is recognised as wrong, rather than doing something about it. After all there is an equal chance of what we decide to do succeeding and failing.

This is, according to psychologist Neil A. Fiore, why people sit on the fence procrastinating about making decisions. It is an entrenched habit that protects people from fear of failure and fear of success.

In his book “The Now Habit – A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play”, Fiore offers strategies and concrete exercises to help you escape the anxiety, unhappiness and alienation that result from procrastination.

The Now Habit is this week’s free getAbstract book summary from Work Place Learning Centre.

If there are times when you struggle with procrastination or work with people who are procrastinators, then this getAbstract book summary is for you.

Prepare yourself for the next time you face a procrastination crisis with this practical approach to learning:

•             Why you procrastinate,

•             How to recognize the “insidious cycle” of procrastination, and

•             How to manage your time while enjoying your life and accomplishing your goals.

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