Top 10 tips of how to be a winner at work

Do you groan when Monday comes round? Nobody really enjoys the start of the week or do they? Do millions of people around the world who dread each Monday’s arrival, really have jobs that are bad? With all the drama, frenemies, office politics and un-stimulating environments many of us experience at work, maybe we do have horrible jobs, or maybe you need to think differently…

Here is our top 10 list to make you successful in the workplace:

1.  Be Focused

Focus on what you are longing to achieve. When you go to work each day, you should have your life goals in mind. Do you want a raise or a promotion? Are you working on saving for a house deposit? Are you planning on starting a family? Concentrate on the future, and you will find yourself less concerned with gossip and petty complaints.

2.  Stay Calm

In such a close environment it is normal for you to get a little annoyed by others in the workplace but if something happens never resort to confrontation, it never ends well. You’re only human, and tempers can flare but try and keep your cool. Don’t ruin your reputation or promotion prospects with a small unprofessional outburst. In explosive situations, walk away, have a drink of water, take a break, but by all means do not blow your top. In the same vein, don’t resort to taking things out on the person who upset you with sarcasm or political manoeuvring.

3.  Craft Your Identity

What do you want to be known for at work? What can you bring to the company that no one else can? What do you want to accomplish for the business? What are your career aspirations? Create your own individual personality at work, not fake but confident in your chosen specialism, tenacious at what you do, innovative with new ideas.

4.  Don’t Waste Time

Every situation in life changes, which can happen in businesses. Sometimes things can take a bad turn and holidays get reduced, pay is frozen but don’t waste time moaning over things you cannot control. Be positive and decide not to waste your time and energy complaining about things you can’t control.

5.  Set Goals

We all have things we can do better in life. You will not become a winner by basking in mediocrity. Commit to being much better than average. Set a goal to become one of the top 10% of performers at your workplace. Pay close attention to performance reviews, and create your own personal self-improvement plan.

6.   Become an Effective Communicator

It has often been said those who are able to communicate effectively have an advantage at work and in life. Make a decision to become one of the best communicators among your colleagues. Good communicators know how to effectively use eye contact, body language, tone of voice, and they are adept at choosing the right words. Challenge yourself to speaking up, and to being courteous and friendly in every interaction.

7.   The Big Picture

If you’re going to be a winner in the work place, you’re going to have to have to see the bigger picture. If you had your supervisor’s job, would you be spending time grumbling in the lunchroom about the new dress code? Learn more about how the organisation functions, why certain decisions are made, and what makes it tick.

8.   Stay Organised

If you go to work every day waiting to be told what to do, watching the clock and longing for home time, you are bound to hate your job. Instead, make a commitment to go to work each day with a purpose. Have a list of the things you would like to accomplish, and suggest ways to improve things at work. Be purposeful…

9.   Think of Both Sides

This will require you to choose to compromise, not to give in, but to evaluate all the options and choose a path that will not only benefit you, but all concerned. It’s a give and take. If you make a decision to work on this every day, you will develop the reputation of being a fair-minded person, and a good negotiator. You will find yourself gaining a lot more than you would have by selfishly fighting for your own gain.

10.   Keep your Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm can be an elusive quality. Many of us only show it in response to exciting events, others hardly ever, and yet there are those who appear to exude it from within. An enthusiastic person has a winning attitude. They choose to see the opportunities in every challenge they face. They know how to generate energy and positive vibes even in the worst of circumstances. Commit today to becoming an enthusiastic person.

Being a winner in the work place starts with a positive decision from you.