Looking good for most of region’s top 50

Improvements in a variety of key indicators appears to show that this year has been a good one for Yorkshire’s top companies.

35 of the top 50 companies have increased their turnover year-by-year compared to only 26 in the previous year’s study. Although there was no previous data for three companies and two others maintained their turnover, only 11 actually shrank. The net increase for the top 10 was £695m and for the top 20 £1.1bn

Of the top 50, 27 reported an increase in turnover of five per cent and 23 of more than 10 per cent.

Looking at pre-tax profits, 40 reported them, however only 25 grew them compared with 29 in 2013.

Looking at specific examples of success, Marshall has turned a £11.2m loss into a £13.2m profit and Polypipe, Henry Boot and Renew Holdings have all grown in turnover and profitability. The reason for this has been linked to a steady recovery in property and associated markets.

Finally, Persimmon overtook Morrisons to become the second largest company in the region by market capitalization and increased its turnover by £365m.