Top Reasons We Change Careers

Many people chose a career from school without really knowing or understanding what they want to do. When you were just starting out, you probably felt passionate about your work after leaving education for the big wide world of work. But after years of working, you realised the work just wasn’t what you imagined it would be; it’s not really your cup of tea anymore.

At this point, many professionals find themselves thinking of a career change. Although the reasons people change careers can vary greatly, many of them revolve around being unsatisfied, not only with the work but also with the company and working environment.

So, what exactly are the reasons people change careers? Is it money, job satisfaction, benefits? Although one reason won’t fit the bill for all professionals, a majority of career changes take place because of one of the five reasons below.

Top Five Reasons People Change Careers:


Money and salary are often a big reason people decide to move on from a career. Professionals are on the look out for a higher salary with better earning opportunities.

Money and the cost savings associated with more flexible jobs can impact on the decision to stay or go in a career as peoples lives change and develop with families.

Appreciation and Recognition

Another big issue pushing towards wanting a career change is the lack of appreciation or recognition given by a boss or employer. If employees don’t feel valued, they begin to loose sight of what difference they are making in their work and if they really matter to the business at all.


Unfortunately, stress seems to be an inevitable side effect of work. Stress can play a huge factor in employee’s happiness at work. Some amounts of stress can be good but when an employee becomes over stressed they are less productive and can begin to dislike their work and struggle to manager their responsibilities. Employers have a duty to ensure employees aren’t over stressed and are given support if required.

Flexible Work Options

More professionals are looking for flexible ways to work. The 9-5 norm is becoming less structured with businesses adapting to home working and flexible hours. A simple change in start and finish times can have a positive effect on an employee wishing to gain a better balance with their work and home life. As people’s lives mature and change so should their job. Many highly skilled professionals want work flexibility and are often searching for jobs with flexible options.

Career Opportunities and Advancement

It is easy for professionals to feel stifled and stuck in their current career as they find little opportunity to advance. Employees can feel like they aren’t going anywhere, and may find it difficult to see any further prospect with the company. Training and development is essential in identifying areas of interest and growth for employees.

It is not surprising to see that passion about one’s work isn’t always a leading factor to make a career change, although it is a common reason. More often, reasons people change careers tend to revolve around issues that could be addresses from within any business.