Using Social Media To Attract Talent

Social Media is still a hot topic for most businesses, which are now relying on these channels to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

A recent report by digital marketing agency We Are Social found that over two billion people in the world have active social media accounts, with more than one billion accessing social networks through their mobile devices. As companies across the world fight to attract the same talent on job boards, it’s now time to think about expanding your reach.

Here are some tips to help you:

Identifying Social Platforms

It is not as simple as signing up to a social media site and posting information. You need to consider which social networks you will use.

You need to consider whom you are targeting? If you’re looking to hire creative people – use Instagram. If you want to attract students or graduates you could use Snapchat or Vine. You don’t need to use every network, so be strategic and consider your audience at all times.

Defining a strategy

Everything should have a plan or strategy behind it which details who, what and why. You need to think about the purpose of the social networks you’re looking to create. Ask yourself:   – What’s the scope? For example: will they be global or regional channels?   – What are your objectives? Do you want to drive traffic to your careers site or build your employer brand or both?    – What are you going to be accountable for? What will you be measuring?    – What technology do you need to use to manage your accounts and content? What are the costs?


Relate this back to your initial research and objectives to help you to outline your content strategy.    – What are you looking to communicate to your followers what do they want to know and how will this get your business noticed by them?   – What topics will you promote? For visual networks, you need to ensure you add a mix of images and videos. Also bear in mind that overall, videos receive a lot more clicks.    – Where will you find the content? Do you have a company blog or events you can help to promote?   Keep active and engage with your audience. What’s the point in sitting round a table and never speaking!

Using hashtags

Hashtags are what will make your content more easily discoverable, helping to create more interest in your brand – don’t underestimate the importance of using these! They are universal and searchable on almost any social platform. Why not create an imaginative hashtag to promote your brand? You can use them in your posts and on all of your communication with candidates to encourage them to search for your content and to find out why they should work for you. You can also tag posts with fun weekday or events hashtags that are known to trend (such as #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday).

Keep In mind your Brand

All the content should be inline with your brand and must reflect an image of the business in line with your brand values and ethos. Keep your content relevant to your industry and audience.

Measuring success

This is essential; you need to measure the success of your campaigns to help determine if you’re meeting your objectives. If for example, your objective was to drive traffic to your careers site, you could use Google Analytics to help you to analyse the traffic coming from social media networks.

This list of ideas will help you to build a strong social media strategy by keeping you focused on your defined objectives. If you approach your strategy with these goals in mind, there’s a good chance it will become a success.