Using Social Media to Boost a Good Hire

“Social media tools and social networking sites have revolutionised communication methods, both privately and increasingly, at work.” ACAS, 2013

The use of social media as a recruitment tool throws up some great opportunities for recruiters. It offers speed, efficiency and the ability to target and attract specific candidates in the recruitment process. A recent study revealed that globally, LinkedIn is the most popular social network tool being used for recruiting (used by 93 per cent of employers), followed by Facebook (66 per cent) and Twitter (54 per cent).

Why are more and more employers using social media to enhance their vacancy adverts?

Well firstly, it can save your business both time and money. E-recruiting allows employers to shorten the recruitment process dramatically, due to an increase in the information flow. By leaving positions vacant for shorter periods of time, it will boost workforce productivity and save you time in the long run.

Secondly, it gives employers the opportunity to target more efficiently and hire staff both locally and globally, significantly extending the reach of a more traditional staff recruitment. It also gives the opportunity to target more effectively by reaching a specific group of potential candidates by identifying certain characteristics or qualifications. Social media allows recruiters to tap into online discussions and forums that are engaging potential candidates in groups that they may be struggling to reach.

If you are considering using social media to boost your vacancies, you must ensure you have a strong and creative social media profile. 80% of job seekers use social media to research a company and prepare for an interview, therefore your profile must be professional, up to date, clear and consistent.

Your company’s image will be boosted and if you use social media correctly you may also increase the quality of applications. Potential applicants may be liking or sharing your posts so this in turn will build your brand, raise your profile, increase public awareness of your company and further your recruitment reach.

Ensure your website is up to date and reflects your company branding and profile as you can use your social media activities to direct more traffic to your website. Think about your objectives and your strategy and what you want to communicate. Approach it as you would any other recruiting or communication campaign. By using a joined up approach across various marketing channels you will be able to reach a defined target audience and increase brand awareness.


Happy recruiting!