Virtual Careers Panel

We had the pleasure of being on the LIVE Virtual Careers Panel this morning which was hosted online by Ahead Partnership. Ahead Partnership support local communities to help people build stronger futures and work with a number of schools and colleges.

We were joined on the panel by the Royal Air Force, the University of Law, KPMG and RNN Group and we presented to a large audience of around 100 students.

Gary Freeman, our Senior Engineering Recruitment Consultant, answered a number of questions including what top skills and qualities recruiters are looking for when they are conducting interviews.

“Attitude is crucial to any employer nowadays, much more important than skills.
Skills can be taught, but attitude can’t!”

Gary explained that when he is interviewing or looking at CV’s he is looking for a willingness to learn and a great attitude to learning.

“Do your research on the company before the interview, and let them know you want to work for them. It shows the employer that you’re motivated and eager to learn and that you genuinely want to be there. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd”

Gary also talked about how important it is to update your CV with any volunteering you have done as it shows you have a good work ethic and are willing to help others.

“If you’ve helped anybody during the pandemic, like washed a neighbour’s car or done some food shopping for a relative, it all looks great on your CV. Even better if you have volunteered in a sector that you want to work in as it lets recruiters see your personality and what interests you!”

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