What are the benefits of temporary and contracted staff?

Temporary staff are usually drafted in on short term contracts to cover employee absences such as illness or maternity leave.

However, in the current climate more and more companies are considering using a recruitment agency to hire temporary staff as a short term fix to increase their business, whilst lowering the risk of taking people on a permanent contract.

Benefits to the Company

There are several reasons why companies should use an Agency for temporary staff:

1.)  Temps can often outperform permanent staff (particularly if they are given a certain project with a deadline to meet).

2.)  They are a less negative workforce because they don’t tend to get involved in office politics.

3.)  The Agency will pay the NI and sort out holiday pay, and

4.)  The Agency will also be responsible for letting the temp know if the contract will be coming to an end suddenly.

Benefits to the Temporary Staff

There are several reasons why jobseekers should consider temporary work:

1.)  It’s a great way to find flexible work which will allow you to balance other work, family demands or move jobs easily.

2.)  You can use the opportunity to open a door into your chosen career

3.)  You can try out different types of job and working environment to find out what best suits you.

As your contract will be with your recruitment agency you should approach them for details of notice periods, holidays, and other terms and conditions of your employment.

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