What makes a good employer?

“More than 100 studies have now found that the most engaged employees — those who report they’re fully invested in their jobs and committed to their employers — are significantly more productive, drive higher customer satisfaction and outperform those who are less engaged.”

As a candidate looking for a new career, it’s hard to tell which companies are good ones. If you want your company to stand out from the crowd and attract the best candidates you need to ensure you are offering an attractive employment package to potential employees. What will make you stand out from the crowd?

One of the first things you must do is make your employees trust you. Support your staff, engage with them and take their opinions on board. Make sure you are approachable if they need advice. But most of all – communicate with them on a regular basis. Keep them updated on what is going on in the business, get feedback from them and share your culture and mission with them so they really feel a part of your company.

Another big enticement for a potential candidate is what salary and benefits are on offer. Make sure you are offering the going rate and that your bonus scheme is attractive. Do you have a decent pension scheme? What about life insurance, health insurance, charity schemes or childcare/gym discounts? They all matter when recruiting that ideal staff member and it shows potential candidates that your company believes in investing in its people.

In this time and day employees expect a flexible work schedule. Consider offering flexi-time or working from home options to accommodate candidates with a family or other commitments. Showing you are a supportive employer is an easy and affordable way to attract great employees and to encourage loyalty.

A good working environment is crucial if you want your employees to be happy and productive at work. It’s important to have quality office equipment, an adequate rest area/kitchen facilities and a comfortable space to work in. Improving your working environment will ultimately mean a more successful organisation that brings rewards for employer and employee.

Employees also love to be recognised and rewarded for their hard work. They need to feel important in their role and appreciated for what they do. You could offer annual bonus schemes or “Employee of the Month” rewards. It will make your staff feel valued and motivated and will encourage staff loyalty.

Offer good training packages to help your staff flourish and grow. It not only benefits your business as they will be learning new skills which they can put into action at your workplace, but it makes them feel supported and important and encourages commitment.

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