Wise Up To The Engineering Divide

How to Attract, Retain and Develop Women in Engineering

Most companies have gotten the message by now: there is a huge inequality in the workforce when it comes to hiring women engineers.

On the one hand, there are fewer women than men graduating with degrees in engineering. On the other hand, companies often do not understand that female and male engineers prioritize different things when considering a new job.

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What Do Woman Want?

Female engineers are more focused on work/life balance, flexible work arrangements, building good relationships with their colleagues, job security and employee development.

Male engineers are more focused on compensation/benefits, being challenged by their work, being proud of where they work, making an impact and working for a company with a long-term strategic vision.

Time To Wise Up

WISE is a campaign to promote woman in science, technology and engineering. WISE inspires girls and women to study and build careers using science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We advise organisations on how to create environments where those women can do their best work and thrive.

Fewer woman graduated from UK universities with a STEM degree in 2015 than in 2014 nearly 6000 fewer, a drop of 5%.

Studies have shown that men and woman do behave differently. Generally woman tend to be more communal while men may be self-orientated. So taking this into consideration why not train them differently. Have you thought about offering woman only training courses?

Let’s push to help get 1 million more woman into the UK STEM workforce Look out for our up and coming STEM Works Event where we will explore recruiting for this industry and attracting younger talent into STEM.

Join the campaign online at wisecampaign.org.uk