Women in the workplace: Dresscode rules!

Today it has been revealed that a recent study into workplace dresscodes has found “troubling” experiences affecting female workers forced to adhere to “sexist dress codes”. Many female workers have been instructed to dye their hair blonde, wear a particular style of shoe at work or reapply make-up, a parliamentary report has found.

Do you struggle knowing what to wear for work? Or are you starting out at a new job and not sure what to put on for your first day? It obviously all depends on the dresscode policy at your workplace, but here are some starter tips on what to consider when planning your work attire:

1. Look at what others around you are wearing. What seems to be the common theme amongst your colleagues and supervisors? Is it smart/casual or business attire? You might be required to wear a suit, or your workplace might prefer a more casual look. Looking at others around you is a really good place to start as you don’t want to feel over-dressed or under-dressed and stand out like a sore thumb!

2. Dress as if you care, even if it is a casual environment – it’s important you take pride in your image. Even if your position doesn’t require you to see external clients, you are still making an impression on your boss and your potential future boss. At the end of the day, you should always present yourself the best way you possibly can. Your image should be important to you – it’s probably the first thing people notice about you!

3. Avoid showing too much skin or dressing too sexy. Remember it’s your workplace, not a nightclub! A study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly indicated that dressing too sexy has negative psychological impacts on colleagues. Peter Glick, a Professor of Psychology at Lawrence University, found that women in high-level positions who dress in what is seen as sexy attire are viewed as less competent–regardless of their skill sets. These women are passed over for promotions more often than their more modestly dressed female colleagues.

4. Keep yourself well-groomed and go easy on the perfume! If you are meeting clients or have a public facing role, this is crucial. Remember you are representing the brand and image of your employer to the public. Dressing appropriately will show that you respect your employer enough to demonstrate that you want to represent them in a good light all the time. And nobody wants to be served by a smelly sales assistant!

5. Be comfortable. What is your style of clothes – what do you feel happy in and most comfortable? There’s no point in wearing a skirt and tights if you are a trousers kind of girl. Make sure it’s something that you want to wear otherwise it will just make you fed up!

If you need more guidance on what / what not to wear at work give us a call. And if you are going for a job interview and need advice on your outfit, we can help with that too! We pride ourselves on looking after our candidates and making their recruitment journey a happy one from start to finish. Get in touch with our specialist recruitment team today.

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