Head of Chanel has the work-life balance down to a tee!

Strong Independent Women in Business

Ahead of International Women’s Day and National Career’s Week we offer you the opportunity to read a getAbstract summary of Beyond the Label, the story of an extraordinary woman. Maureen Chiquet overcame the expectations that other people had of her and built a career that culminated in her being the global head of iconic fashion label Chanel.

Brand Ambassador

Beyond the Label charts a career that took Maureen Chiquet from her first job at L’Oréal, climbing the ladder at The Gap and becoming president of Banana Republic until, finally, becoming global CEO at Chanel.

In Beyond the Label, Chiquet shares the inklings, risks and defining moments that have shaped her own career without compromising her femininity. Why, she asks, do women believe that embracing femininity, won’t make them stronger?

How to build success

Chiquet explores a range of issues that affect the ability of women to build successful careers through provocative insights into her own life. She writes in a vividly entertaining storytelling style. She does not shy away from challenging the reader with questions which ask how we can build a successful and fulfilling life in a complex and competitive world.

This free summary will also get you looking at the different aspects of your life. You will find yourself asking why do we separate feelings from logic, and intuition from judgement? Why can’t a woman:

  • be a manager and a parent at the same time?
  • work flexibly and have a successful career?

The answer is that you can, but you need to work out for yourself how to make it happen

The work-life balance is key

Beyond the Label is full of examples of how Chiquet made it happen for herself. It was not an easy ride. She is as honest about her failures as she is her successes. She doesn’t just focus on her business career, either. Her role as a wife and a mother are given equal billing as each role has helped to define the person she has become.

What she is adamant about is that mastering the fine balancing act between work and family life is not something that you learn on a course.

Beyond the Label is marketed as a book for women but by getting the men in your life, at work and at home, to take a look at how Beyond the Label could also have its benefits.

In the free book summary that is available from our Work Place Learning Centre you will learn:

  • How Maureen Chiquet became global CEO of Chanel,
  • What leadership lessons she learned during her journey and
  • How to apply these lessons in your quest for success.


Michael Millward, Work Place Learning Centre