Welcoming working mums back with open arms!

For working mums returning to work after a period of maternity leave, it can be really frightening and quite daunting! The worry of whether your job has changed, will you be treated the same now you’re a mum, will you still fit in and a general lack of overall confidence! It can be a struggle for a lot of mums, especially if they’ve had a long career break.

We take a look at a few ways you can make life easier for working mums getting back into work and to give them a warm welcome back!

Keep in Touch Days

Ensure your staff are aware of their rights before they go on maternity leave. These days can be used to actually come into work and catch up with their team before officially starting work, or can be more flexible with the option to utilise catch up calls with key people who can get them up to speed. These days could really help build somebody’s confidence and make returning to work a little bit easier.

Regular Newsletters

Consider sending out regular newsletters to your members of staff who are on long term leave. Just a simple update of the business news, any new clients won, any staff updates or just general business information that might be beneficial to their return. They will feel as though you are keeping them in the loop and that they still know what’s going on.

Work-life Balance

Remember that your members of staff with families have other commitments along with work. And for most returning mums the family will always come first! Try to offer flexible working options such as working from home, job shares, reduced hours or less responsibility. You want to make the job as appealing as possible so that you are both getting something out of it – you want a productive and motivated worker and your new mum wants to know she can shoot off home early if her childminder calls!

Confidence Building

After a long break from work, its really common for mum’s to feel that the workplace has moved on without them and that everything they once knew has been replaced by new systems and processes. Try holding refresher courses for returning parents which can help with a lack in confidence. You could offer specific training on the newer systems you have been using, or a re-cap of where the department is up to – just to keep them up to speed and make them feel included.

Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand how they might feel coming back after a long period of time off work – it’s not the easiest so try to support them as much as you can!