Dress and perception in the workplace

Business Dress
Is wearing a tie for men the same as wearing tights for women in the workplace?

Observing the change over the last few years, initially excited by the liberation of seeing men with open collars, I’ve finally had enough.

Arguably both ties and tights smarten up and complete Business Dress taking us from smart to polished, and who doesn’t want polish, eh?

Is it just me, or does a tie not finish off a smart suit? Do tights not make a suit look more business like?
But the thing is, that business fashion dictates otherwise, and we see it everywhere from the top of society down, ties scream stuffiness and with fake tanned legs all over the place, have tights lost their purpose?

But think of this…would you attend a corporate interview without?

Working in Recruitment I feel forced to accept that no tie and no tights is de rigeur, but secretly…I miss the old days.