The worst excuses for skipping work!

According to a new survey, almost 80% of UK employees are guilty for having pulled a “sickie” in the last year. Surprisingly, over half of them admitted to feeling guilty for doing so, however when asked why they felt guilty the main reason was “for leaving their colleagues in the lurch”!

So although people are still doing it, the survey shows that employees are realising the wider impact that a “sick day” could have on the rest of the team and their workloads. Here’s just a sample of some of the crackers we’ve heard over the years:-

· My hamster diedWomen looking stressed
· I’ve had a sleepless night
· I’m stuck in the house
· The dog ate my shoe
· My trousers split on the way to work
· I’ve had a hair dye disaster

But employees should really think twice about making that call if they don’t have a reasonable excuse. Many managers have taken to social media to check up on employees and to see whether they have checked in to anywhere else or posted updates about what they are doing.

High levels of sickness absence can have a massive effect of business owners – not only from a financial point of view but to manage and delegate extra workloads. It’s important to think about the bigger picture and wider implications of an absence – especially when it’s not 100% necessary. And consideration needs to be given to the colleagues who have to take on the extra work and stress to cover unplanned leave.

It’s also important for employers to be cautious about the pressures that are put on their staff as we are finding more and more sick days being taken for stressed and overworked employees. It’s crucial for employers to look out for the wellbeing of their staff and to ensure their staff are being looked after and can manage their workloads and deadlines.

It’s important for managers, business owners and employees to build a working relationship based on trust and respect. This will create a level of loyalty on both sides of the relationship, which is crucial to reduce things like this happening.

So think twice the next time you are nursing a hangover and not sure if you can face the office…………!