Get yersen a brew and it’ll be reight : Yorkshire Day 2018

We all know that Yorkshire is the best place in Britain right?! What’s not to love about this beautiful county…..breath-taking views, stunning coasts, amazing food (Yorkshire Pudding and Yorkshire Tea!) and our brilliant accent to name just a few! And where else can you find sayings such as “bobby dazzler, ee by gum, ‘ey up, giore and allreet” (if you don’t know what any of these mean let us know and we’ll give you a full translation!)


For us here at The Works, one of the greatest things about Yorkshire is the great people. We work with these lovely Yorkshire folk on a daily basis – whether its colleagues, clients or candidates – and we have to say they are the friendliest, honest and most professional people around! Us Yorkshire folk proudly wear our hearts on our sleeves, we are kind and we are thoughtful. That’s what makes us the most proud of living in this great county……the great people! So what better reason to celebrate Yorkshire Day today.

So what else is Yorkshire great for? Here’s a few famous things about this county that you might not have known already:-

  • The coastal town of Whitby is known as ‘Dracula’s birthplace’, after Bram Stoker stayed there in 1890 and found plenty of inspiration for his novel within his surroundings.
  • The Lighthouse at Flamborough Head is thought to be have been the first lighthouse built in England – it was built in 1669.
  • The National Railway Museum in York is the largest of its kind in the world. It’s also home to the only Japanese bullet train outside of Japan.
  • Stainless steel, which we now use every day, was discovered by Harry Brearley in Sheffield in 1913. Sheffield later became known as the city for stainless steel production.
  • Guy Fawkes of the Gunpowder Plot fame was born and raised in York. Who knew!
  • The world’s very first football club was formed in Yorkshire; Sheffield FC formed on 24th October 1857.
  • And finally……Marks & Spencer started life as a penny bazaar stall on Leeds market. Look at them now!

To be honest we could go on for hours and hours about why Yorkshire is great – there’s that much to mention! From Betty’s tea rooms, to Tetley Brewery. From our gorgeous countryside to our vibrant cities. Here at the Works, we are so very lucky to have offices on the Leeds Canal – we are surrounded by gorgeous scenery every day and love our lunchtime walks down the canal with JJ the dog.

And if you’ve seen our new mugs recently, you’ll have seen one of our motto’s “Yorkshire Talent Born and Bred” printed on them. In fact, if you fancy yourself winning one of our lovely new mugs tweet us at @WorksRec and tell us what you love the most about Yorkshire and we will send one over!

We are great, talented people here in Yorkshire, we are thoughtful, friendly and kind, we are just fantastic. So here’s to all you Yorkshire folk wherever you are today…..Happy #YorkshireDay!