Built Environment

Client Overview
One of the UKs leading fuel delivery, storage, maintenance and management services. An industry leader since 1987.
Delivering fuel within the UK and providing service and support to forecourts and depots.

The Challenge
Expansion within the industry has created a shortfall in drivers and technical staff within the company. Based at first with 3 areas of the country they were in the position where they needed new drivers as soon as possible to provide coverage.

Historical Recruitment Approaches
The client traditionally used employee referral and a selection of agencies although always came to The Works due to our previous success in sourcing suitable employees.

The Approach
A job brief was obtained to incorporate every detail and taking in to account the challenge of the technical nature of the role and the demanding nature of the work. Sourcing of candidates was a very careful operation with detail being key to finding the right people for the 3 vacancies. All aspects of the role had to be considered and evaluated with candidates before anyone could be put forward to the client for their input.

The Works has one of the most extensive data bases of candidates accrued over 24 years of specialist trading this was our initial marketing tool combined with social and web media tools within 72 hours 2 candidates were identified with interviews arranged within 5 working days. Both candidates were deemed suitable and a second interview followed shortly with a job offer made to one of the candidates with the role filled within 3 weeks. We filled the second vacancy the same way and are currently working on the third using the same system.

On – Going Solution
Our client has full confidence in The Works for their recruitment needs and understands by working on a sole agency agreement that they receive 100% commitment in filling their roles – quickly and cost effectively.

Costs and MI
Fees were negotiated from the outset with the client being offered a sliding scale based on all 3 vacancies being filled. This not only worked out cost effective for them but also a great incentive for us.

Our client could continue to fulfil their service agreements with minimal disruption with none of their customers lost.

“The Works – Career recruiters as committed as you are”.