Space hopping at Park Square

This weekend is The Big Lunch at Park Square. The Works will be providing space hoppers for you to go head to head against friends, neighbours, aliens, space monkey’s, what ever you want to call them.

The Big Lunch is an Eden Project.

The Aim is to get as many people as possible across the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

The event is as it says, a picnic in Park Square, Leeds. There will be places where food can be purchased at the event and there is also Pizza Express, Tesco & Starbucks very close by.

Although this is free event, with sponsorship covering the costs of promotion and any monies raised will be going to ActionAid

**The first 150 people to arrive on the day will receive a goody bag packed full of giveaways from a number of businesses across Leeds**

To get involved check out the pages below:

Facebook event page
The Big Lunch website