HR professionals hate Christmas shopping the most

HR professions hate Christmas shopping more than any other profession, according to a recent survey.

25,000 shoppers from the UK and Ireland responded to office suppliers Viking Direct’s questionnaire on spending habits over the Christmas period.

One fifth of respondents that worked in HR said they “hated” Christmas shopping, and the profession was rated as most likely to rely on giving cash or vouchers.

HR professional Matt Smallwright was identified as a “Dodger” by the questionnaire.

“I have to admit the personality test rings true with me as I came out as a Dodger and I do hate shopping,” Matt said. “I can just about bring myself to shop online, but I can’t stand trawling round the shops – there are so many better things to do.”

Teachers were revealed as spending the least on gifts, with those in marketing spending the most.

Article features on HR Magazine.